Natamorta Event Review

Recently I got the chance to visit Natamorta to see my friend’s work. Natamorta is a n art exhibition created by DKV ITB. It was held in Gedung PGN from 21-23 February 2013. The name is taken from Natal which means birth and Mortal which means death. The exhibition shows the journey of art from birth until death theme.

It has six area; birth, juvenile, transition, mature, and end. Each area tells us stories about the steps in human’s life with art. There are various art creation that used various media. In the center of the six area, there are student’s portfolio gallery that close to the food center. The food center sells many food in case you starving after seen the exhibition.

Walking through the exhibition feels like walking through someone’s life. It tells us how pure when you are a baby and how labile when you are in transition phase. It also tells us that eventually we are going to die, but we have to make out the most in life before that happens.

Natamorta was a great art exhibition. It has great theme, perfect place, and also many talents shown in this exhibition. Great job Natamorta, keep it up!

Here are some photos from the exhibition.








9th Brightspot Market Event Review

Who doesn’t know Brightspot Market today? As their name, they shine through until today, become the most awaited event for fashion enthusiasts. I always attend Brightspot Market since their first event. I agree that it get more interesting as they grow bigger. Their concept get more mature, deliver new business model that has been followed by other events in Indonesia.

The recent Brightspot Market held in Grand Indonesia. The space gets more bigger and takeover 1/4 of fifth floor. It is so crowded with hip people in Jakarta. There are lots of fashion brands from Bandung. Other than fashion brands, there are also other booth like Aksara and sponsored booths. They are supported by lots of sponsors. The sponsors give some sparks to this event by sponsoring creative booth. Greensands create photo contest in their booth and give cool gifts for the winners and one of them is Havainas sandals. Telkomsel sponsored charging booth in strategic area that was very useful for visitors who needs to update the events through their phone.

Out of every booths, my most favorite booth is Jvstify’s booth. I really love the brand. It is very unique, extraordinary, and very me. I love how they mix crazy patterns with unique patches, like parrot and mexican wrestlers.

Here are some picture from the event. Enjoy! ūüôā


Jvstify’s cutest product




Simpati’s charging spot


45 Incredible Business Ideas in 2011

In the evolving economy today, there are many extraordinary jobs that comes from many opportunities of the trends. There are no excuse for not being an entrepreneur, as there are many opportunities that we can develop. So many untouchable area that can be business but no one hasn’t have an eye yet to develop it.

Businessnewsdaily gives you ideas about business ideas for starting your own business. They reviewed 45 best business ideas in 2011. There are many unthinkable opportunities that you could start as a business. It can be done in your home or start a small company.

There are some interesting business ideas that caught me. I think personal social media consultant can be a promising business, aw social media become the king of marketing today but some people don’t understand it completely. We as the young generation who actively use social media can be a personal social media consultant.¬†

Online video production also can be a good business. Everybody could be an internet sensation and get famous instantly just by an online video that they posted. New brands has to seen this opportunities because it can instantly get your business more famous. Those who love to make video can start this business and make sensational video for new brands in order to get them more famous.

There are more business ideas that you should check. There are some which is very creative, but some are old and need to be refine. Some business ideas in there already get bigger in 2013 as many people already start this business ideas. Some others is very practicable in Indonesia but there are few who started it.

Check out the rest of the business ideas to find yours!


For you fashion business people

Fashion business is increase rapidly today. Fashion is the main industry in creative industry in Indonesia. No wonder many people start their business in fashion field because it is really promising.

But sometimes you might get “writers block” or in this case, “fashion block.” When fashion business people get into that phase, they have to search for inspiration from trends. I found an interesting web for the solution, it is called trendstop.¬†

The website said that is an online fashion and trend forecasting agency based in London, internationally renowned for its directional trend analysis and forecasts. Clients choose us for our expertise in accurately predicting fashion and lifestyle trends from season to season, and for our ability to help our clients easily see how trends can be translated into their own designs and creations.

The website is really useful for those who work in fashion industry, because it give trends reports, and insights that we should know about fashion. 


It is very inspirational to me, and maybe to you too. Check it out!


A trip to Fat Cocoon :)

I had a trip with my creativity and innovation class to an indie movie producer, Kepompong Gendut. I never heard the name before, but when they mentioned their movies, I was in awe because I adore their movies. Cin(T)a is one of their movies, also Demi Ucok that recently out in theatres.

When we arrive, we were greeted by Sammaria SImanjuntak, the founder of Kepompong Gendut and the director if the movies they produced. She told that Kepompong Gendut was formed by young filmmakers who want to show their voices. They start with a small capital. Kepompong Gendut made Demi Ucok by collecting money from people and the people featured in the movie. That method was effective and after the movie was out, more investor want to invests for Kepompong Gendut. Kepompong Gendut made an innovative way for filmmakers that to make a good movie, they don’t need much money, just have to ask people to help and include them in the process.¬†

I really love their workspace! It is in a house that turned into studio. It is very homey, andd they have meeting room that can be used for gathering also. What I really love is the editing studio because it all in green! When you enter that room, you find that your creative energy is overflowing.


cute green lamp!

I learn that you can start your business from your passion and dream. You don’t have to worry, just start it and believe that you could make your dream happen. Anything can happen when you have passion and dream. And I believe what Sammaria has said is true, it is an Aquarius era! Which means that creative business is on top. I just can’t wait to start mine now. Gotta go!


Recently I just read an interesting website. It’s Familiar about it? Yup, this website is a part of JWT, world’s best-known marketing communication brand. I really love their value, that is constantly search for opportunities in the midst of chaotic world. They¬†focus on identifying changes in the global zeitgeist so as to convert shifts into compelling opportunities for brands. They have done this on behalf of multinational clients across several categories including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and home and personal care.


They categorized their post into trend reports and 2013 and beyond. I scroll through their trend reports and find some interesting and useful reports. I love about their report about people behavior on social media today in “Fear of Missing Out: Update.” It really describe the current trend right now that become a habit. I also look up to their 2013 and beyond section. They don’t really update that section but their late post is somewhat interesting.

It is a website that can give you current trend with full report for you who likes to dig deeper! Happy reading ūüôā

Digital Marketing is the NEW BLACK!


The title said it all, digital marketing is the new trend today. It’s low cost, effective, and spread wide! What could you ask for more? Digital marketing is the solution for business today!

In case you have zero information about digital marketing, here’s a website to helps you learn more about digital marketing. Toprank online marketing blog¬†is a digital marketing agency founded by Lee Odden and Susan Misukanis that helps companies increase sales, brand visibility online and develop better customer¬†engagement. They specialize in content based customer acquisition and relationship programs that emphasize content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and email marketing. ¬†Companies hire them for consulting, training and implementation services.

Toprank online marketing blog is beyond ordinary blog that only post information. They give you insights about all information you sholuld know about marketing. They post regularly about search engine marketing and optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, business blogging and marketing, and online public relations.

To me, toprank online marketing blog is very, very, very helpful for my knowledge, my thesis, and of course my business. It’s not only give basic info about marketing, they give us trends and insights so we could market our business well. Their recent article about “Top 5 Social Media Questions Marketers Want Answered” is brilliant. It give deeper insight so I can choose what’s best for my business’ social media.¬†

So what are you waiting for, businessman? Happy reading! ūüôā

80+ Must-Read Design Blogs to Enhance your Creativity and your Career by Manda Szewczyk

Pernahkah ketika Anda kedapatan tugas mendesign, lalu anda mengalami semacam writers block? Lebih tepatnya, designers block?

Tentunya hal itu sering terjadi terhadap hampir semua pekerjaan yang based on creativity. Saya sendiri hampir selalu menghadapi kebuntuan ketika sedang mendesign. Lalu apa yang saya lakukan? Tentunya langsung googling.

Banyak blog, website, dan banyak inspirasi lain yang saya dapat, tetapi susah mendapat yang benar-benar bagus. Nah, Manda Szewczyk yang merupakan seorang designer memberi blog-blog bermanfaat untuk para designer. Blog-blog ini merupakan blog yang menurut ia berguna bagi para designer, setelah bertahun-tahun membaca blog dan akhirnya mengumpulkannya di artikel di Creative Opera. 

Szecwyk mengkategorikan blog-blog favoritnya itu ke 10 kategori: All-in-One, Inspiration, Tutorials, Web Development/Code, Freelance, Logos & Typography, Advice & Discussion, Freebies & Giveaways, Blogging, andMicro-Blogs/Links.

Dari 80 link blog yang ia rekomendasikan, saya hanya mengklik link yang terlihat menarik. Saya sendiri sering menggunakan youthedesigner ketika mendesign. 



Blog kedua yang menarik bagi saya untuk mengunjunginya adalah, karena saya sedang tertarik pada typography. Blog ini membagi cara-cara dan inspirasi untuk membuat tipografi.



Menurut saya, link-link blog yang dipilih  Szewczyk berguna bagi para desainer yang mengalami kebuntuan. Blog-blog ini sudah terjamin pasti bagus dan bisa menjadi inspirasi bagi para desainer. 


Review: creativesomething

Do you have many ideas and want to create something but don’t know how?

Or you already create a creative product but don’t know how to make it commercial?

Then creativesomething is the website that you need to see!

Creative Something is a blog created by creative expert, Tanner Christensen. Creative something is where Tanner Christensen post about the latest creative ideas and inspiration. Powered by the best creativity blog since 2008, full of inspiration, motivation, research, and insights to help you be more creative.

Christensen’s mission is to¬†To inspire, motivate, and educate on all things creativity.

Creativesomething is where you can can find many useful tips about all things creative. You can find tips on how to become an artist, how to do a creative work, how to price your work, and other useful tips for people who involved in creative world.

Creative Something’s layout is easy to simple that makes us easy to read it. I find the tips are quite useful. The posts always contain attractive graphic that makes me want to click “older” all over again. So far, I think creative something is an easy, useful, creative blog.





How to Enhance Creativity in Children

Ever wonder when is the best time to start getting creative? As early as you can!

It’s better to start stimulate the creativity in your brain as early as you can. So it’s really good to start stimulate the brain from kindergarten times. Wonder how to stimulate the creativity for your children? Here’s a useful tips from

1. Word Games


Word games are a great way to encourage creative thinking because it allows children to make connections and establish relationships between different words. 


2. Visual Thinking Games


Games that employ the use of visual thinking are great because they encourage visualization and the use of imagination‚ÄĒtwo important aspects of thinking creatively


3. Drawing Games


Certain types of drawing games can help students build on existing concepts, knowledge and ideas, another key aspect of creativity.

This articles is a guidance for teacher to stimulate creativity of their students. However, I think this articles really useful for parents. They can play this games with their children in their spare time and also can get parent and children closer.

Everybody can be creative. The article said that creativity is beyond making art and drawing. It is about finding innovative ways to solve problems, generating new ideas and finding ways to make things better to name a few. So start being creative and create more creative generation start from today!