Need enlightenment in trend insights? Tinsider it is!

I just knew this helpful blog from Creativity and Innovation class, one cool class that I’ve been attended. They told us to check out on this cool blog, It turns out to be a light, but enlighten us on what’s the trend that has been going nowadays.

I love how Tinsider give choices on how you want to view this website. They give seven choices on how you want to view this website; classic, flipcard, magazine, mosaic, sidebar, snapshot, and timeslide. Personally, I prefer mosaic because it arrange the blocks (contains of pictures and words) beautifully.


The more i read on Tinsider, more insight that I get. They put many information about trends in innovations, recent news, fashion, food, technology, cool stuffs, and other trend insight.

One stuff that caught my attention is a post about a creative Colgate ad. It shows a girl that eating ice cream and the ice cream stick turns out to be a toothbrush. I think it’s a really cool way to tell kids to not forget to take care of their teeth after eating sweets. I definitely not going to forget to brush my teeth if I just ate an ice cream like this!


Readers, I recommend this website if you want to know today’s trend insights, or just to pass your time, especially if you love simple and clean design like Tinsider!

Here it is!


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