Trend Predictions of 2012, is it really happening?

In the end of the year through early year, there is always something that we looking forward to: trend predictions of next year. BusinessNewsDaily wrote about 30 big ideas, trends, and predictions for 2012. This is a last year article, but we can look back which trends actually happened and which predictions that is not really big in 2012.

BusinessNewsDaily asked small business owners nationwide about what trends and big ideas they think will rise in 2012. They mention the trend predictions in technologies, business, and social media and digital marketing. There are lots of interesting predictions mentioned here.

In technology area, gesture- recognition technology, local and mobile search, outsourcing IT functions, personalized business software, cloud computing, mobile learning, customized enterprise application stores, easier to make website, and internet accessible TV. For business, they mentioned about China will dominate the global market, small business acquisition with bigger business, franchise business increase, and strategic technology consulting. They wrote about social media will be growing in 2012. They predict that in 2012 social media will be the source for recruitment and there will be a proximity-based social media that will search people nearby who has similarity with us. Digital marketing also has its trend in 2012. They said that marketer have to understand the chatter to know their buying power. Digital coupon book also going to be a trend in 2012.

It’s interesting that some of these predictions really become a trend in 2012. Social media sure is a new way of communicating and marketing. It’s true that people use social media for everything, including buying decision and online shopping. Cloud computing also becomes a trend in IT world because it ease user to share and save. The prediction about China is also true because lots of China companies dominate the market in 2012.

So what’s next for 2013? Will social media growing or fall off? Will China continues to dominate the market? Are tablets and smartphones still in? Will there be something more advanced than cloud computing? We just can’t wait of what’s will happen in 2013. 

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