Creative Generalist is  a website founded by Steve Hardy for curious thinkers that appreciate new ideas from various resource. This website made for connecting broad thinkers one with another to share and see new ideas, news, and perspectives.They can share their thoughts and perspectives about anything by reviewing anything, positively or negatively, that can be enjoyed by everyone,

Basically, they can share anything. Photos, videos, articles, papers, and blogs that categorized in  stories, health, technology, education, and leisure.

They categorized the content in to four categories: 

Overview; Wander and Wonder



Inspiration; synthesize and summarize




Blog; link and leap




People; mix and match




A a first timer, I think this blog is not really informative in the home section. They don’t show what are they and what we can do in this website very clearly. The design is not really attractive for me, and doesn’t feel inviting to click more. Maybe this website is useful for loyal user and people who have been in this website for long. But I don’t think this website, especially the layout, is new-user friendly.


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