9th Brightspot Market Event Review

Who doesn’t know Brightspot Market today? As their name, they shine through until today, become the most awaited event for fashion enthusiasts. I always attend Brightspot Market since their first event. I agree that it get more interesting as they grow bigger. Their concept get more mature, deliver new business model that has been followed by other events in Indonesia.

The recent Brightspot Market held in Grand Indonesia. The space gets more bigger and takeover 1/4 of fifth floor. It is so crowded with hip people in Jakarta. There are lots of fashion brands from Bandung. Other than fashion brands, there are also other booth like Aksara and sponsored booths. They are supported by lots of sponsors. The sponsors give some sparks to this event by sponsoring creative booth. Greensands create photo contest in their booth and give cool gifts for the winners and one of them is Havainas sandals. Telkomsel sponsored charging booth in strategic area that was very useful for visitors who needs to update the events through their phone.

Out of every booths, my most favorite booth is Jvstify’s booth. I really love the brand. It is very unique, extraordinary, and very me. I love how they mix crazy patterns with unique patches, like parrot and mexican wrestlers.

Here are some picture from the event. Enjoy! 🙂


Jvstify’s cutest product




Simpati’s charging spot



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