A trip to Fat Cocoon :)

I had a trip with my creativity and innovation class to an indie movie producer, Kepompong Gendut. I never heard the name before, but when they mentioned their movies, I was in awe because I adore their movies. Cin(T)a is one of their movies, also Demi Ucok that recently out in theatres.

When we arrive, we were greeted by Sammaria SImanjuntak, the founder of Kepompong Gendut and the director if the movies they produced. She told that Kepompong Gendut was formed by young filmmakers who want to show their voices. They start with a small capital. Kepompong Gendut made Demi Ucok by collecting money from people and the people featured in the movie. That method was effective and after the movie was out, more investor want to invests for Kepompong Gendut. Kepompong Gendut made an innovative way for filmmakers that to make a good movie, they don’t need much money, just have to ask people to help and include them in the process. 

I really love their workspace! It is in a house that turned into studio. It is very homey, andd they have meeting room that can be used for gathering also. What I really love is the editing studio because it all in green! When you enter that room, you find that your creative energy is overflowing.


cute green lamp!

I learn that you can start your business from your passion and dream. You don’t have to worry, just start it and believe that you could make your dream happen. Anything can happen when you have passion and dream. And I believe what Sammaria has said is true, it is an Aquarius era! Which means that creative business is on top. I just can’t wait to start mine now. Gotta go!


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