Natamorta Event Review

Recently I got the chance to visit Natamorta to see my friend’s work. Natamorta is a n art exhibition created by DKV ITB. It was held in Gedung PGN from 21-23 February 2013. The name is taken from Natal which means birth and Mortal which means death. The exhibition shows the journey of art from birth until death theme.

It has six area; birth, juvenile, transition, mature, and end. Each area tells us stories about the steps in human’s life with art. There are various art creation that used various media. In the center of the six area, there are student’s portfolio gallery that close to the food center. The food center sells many food in case you starving after seen the exhibition.

Walking through the exhibition feels like walking through someone’s life. It tells us how pure when you are a baby and how labile when you are in transition phase. It also tells us that eventually we are going to die, but we have to make out the most in life before that happens.

Natamorta was a great art exhibition. It has great theme, perfect place, and also many talents shown in this exhibition. Great job Natamorta, keep it up!

Here are some photos from the exhibition.









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