45 Incredible Business Ideas in 2011

In the evolving economy today, there are many extraordinary jobs that comes from many opportunities of the trends. There are no excuse for not being an entrepreneur, as there are many opportunities that we can develop. So many untouchable area that can be business but no one hasn’t have an eye yet to develop it. […]

For you fashion business people

Fashion business is increase rapidly today. Fashion is the main industry in creative industry in Indonesia. No wonder many people start their business in fashion field because it is really promising. But sometimes you might get “writers block” or in this case, “fashion block.” When fashion business people get into that phase, they have to […]

A trip to Fat Cocoon :)

I had a trip with my creativity and innovation class to an indie movie producer, Kepompong Gendut. I never heard the name before, but when they mentioned their movies, I was in awe because I adore their movies. Cin(T)a is one of their movies, also Demi Ucok that recently out in theatres. When we arrive, […]


Recently I just read an interesting website. It’s http://www.jwtintelligence.com. Familiar about it? Yup, this website is a part of JWT, world’s best-known marketing communication brand. I really love their value, that is constantly search for opportunities in the midst of chaotic world. They focus on identifying changes in the global zeitgeist so as to convert shifts […]

Digital Marketing is the NEW BLACK!

The title said it all, digital marketing is the new trend today. It’s low cost, effective, and spread wide! What could you ask for more? Digital marketing is the solution for business today! In case you have zero information about digital marketing, here’s a website to helps you learn more about digital marketing. Toprank online […]

Review: creativesomething

Do you have many ideas and want to create something but don’t know how? Or you already create a creative product but don’t know how to make it commercial? Then creativesomething is the website that you need to see! Creative Something is a blog created by creative expert, Tanner Christensen. Creative something is where Tanner […]

creativegeneralist.com review

Creative Generalist is  a website founded by Steve Hardy for curious thinkers that appreciate new ideas from various resource. This website made for connecting broad thinkers one with another to share and see new ideas, news, and perspectives.They can share their thoughts and perspectives about anything by reviewing anything, positively or negatively, that can be […]